Auf dem Weg zu europäischen Richtlinien für unbemannte Luftfahrzeuge

01.03.2016, 16.30 – 18.00 Uhr (PDF-Version)

Extensions of EU legislation
  • With regard to UA, the scope of the EU regulation has always been limited to aircrafts with a mass higher than 150 kg and not used for “state” operations
  • As a consequence today EASA MS’s legislation covering the vast majority of UA is not harmonized
  • The proposed Basic Regulation change included in the “aviation strategy” published on 7 December 2015 intends to change this situation proposing common EU rules for all UA
  • The EASA Technical Opinion has been developed in parallel with the Basic Regulation change and presents concrete proposals for a regulatory framework for UA operation and a roadmap to put them into practice

Stefan Ronig
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)