Unmanned Aerial Systems Traffic Management (UTM)

23.02.2016, 16.30 – 18.00 Uhr (PDF-Version)

Hinweis: Dieser Vortrag ist in englischer Sprache.

Kopardekar NASA_150pNASA is developing a system to safely enable low altitude unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations. The system is referred to as UAS Traffic Management (UTM). The UTM will safely enable a variety of business models and multiple operations in the same airspace. The UTM will provide services such as airspace configuration and geo-fencing, weather and wind integration, demand/capacity imbalance management, and separation management, and contingency management. The UTM research and development has been conducted in collaboration with many industry, academia, and government. The UTM system will evolve through four capability levels. Each level will be collaboratively tested with partners. Based on the results of the simulations, field tests, and supporting analysis will culminate into airspace integration requirements.

Dr. Parimal Kopardekar
NASA Ames Research Center